~Frontier Technology for Biorefineries~
<From upstream to downstream>

Our innovative technology of bioproduction process
from non-food biomass resources

We aim to contribute to society through the bioproduction of environmentally friendly chemicals.

If phenol is produced from petroleum and disposed of (incinerated) after use, a large amount of CO2 is emitted.
In contrast, if the chemicals are produced by bioprocess from biomass as a feedstock, it is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by about 70% under normal temperature and pressure conditions. This is because green chemicals are made from plants, which fix CO2 from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. Even if they are incinerated after use, they do not affect the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, meaning they are totally carbon neutral.
The ability to reduce CO2 emissions through utlization of biomass feedstock is a common advantage of for various green chemicals. It also has the potential to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing, making it an environmentally friendly technology.

Green Chemicals(GCC) aims to contribute to a society by producing green chemicals at the world's highest level through a combination of the original technologies. These technologies include artificial metabolic pathway designs that enable the production of target substances from mixed sugars and oligosaccharides derived from various non-food biomass resources, construction of production strains based on these designs, the high production of target substances through the bioconversion processes using production strains, and condensation and purification(downstream technologies).

non-edible biomass → Bioconversion → Condensation and purification → Products

RITE Bioprocess

The growth-arrested "RITE Bioprocess" is an innovative core technology for the highly efficient production of green chemicals from a variety of non-food biomass resources.

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Scale-up in bioreactors requires the strict control of dissolved oxygen concentrations and other factors. GCC has developed the expertise to optimize a wide range of cultivation conditions by utilizing the experience from our past successes.

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Condensation and purification

To obtain high-purity substances, advanced condensation and purification methods are necessary to achieve the required physical properties. GCC has developed proprietary condensation and purification technologies to achieve high purities of a variety of useful substances.

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Non-food biomass resources

Renewable non-food biomass resources are critical to achieving carbon neutral . We are currently studying the potential use of various non-food biomass resources that have not yet received significant attention.

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