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Solution To a Sustainable society

Green Chemicals Co., Ltd.(GCC) is developing technologies utilizing plant-derived substances as raw materials to produce various chemicals traditionally produced from petroleum.

The Japanese government's declaration of "carbon neutral by 2050" is attracting significant attention as a response to various issues that threaten the sustainable life of the humans. This means that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of the gas absorbed must be balanced exactly. Our technology that can shift petroleum-derived products to plant-derived products is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

We want to leave a habitable environment for our children to enjoy in the future.
Through the application of our technology to the bio-industry, we hope to play a major role in achieving carbon neutral.

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Our innovative bioproduction processing technology utilizes non-food biomass resources

Green Chemicals' plant-based (biomass feedstock-based) bioprocess is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 70% against production using petroleum-based chemicals. The ability to reduce CO2 emissions through biomass feedstock is a common advantage of various green chemicals.
At GCC, we combine our original technologies to produce useful compounds, including green chemicals, at the world's highest level. We construct production strains that enable the production of target substances from sugars and oligosaccharides derived from various non-food biomass. We also work on enhanced production of target substances through bioconversion processes, and through condensation and purification.

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Challenges to the bioproduction of various aromatic compounds

Enhanced production of aromatic compounds with strong inhibitory effects on cell growth had been difficult to achieve using conventional biotechnology methods.
However, GCC has overcome this problem by applying RITE Bioprocess technology. It has already achieved the world's highest level of productivity for the following aromatic-related compounds. Building on this success, we continue to strive to achieve enhanced production levels for various green chemicals.

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GCC aims to help build a decarbonized society. Please click here for our company profile and access information.

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